Tell your stories via digital displays

ViewPoint is an interactive communication platform for distributing various content such as advertisement, news, weather forecasts, company information... Content is displayed on any number of screens that you manage from one place.


Advantages of Digital Signage

A more effective way of delivering messages and animating customers compared to conventional ways of advertising at point of sale

With Digital Signage, connecting with your target audience is much more effective compared to static advertisements. Animated graphics, video content and the ability to issue real-time updates ensures that all screens look exciting, up to date and relevant.

Greater company visibility.

One of the biggest problems retailers face is attracting the attention of consumers. There are many ways available – Radio, television, newspapers adverts … Digital signage allows you to attract attention in the place where it is needed the most – in the store itself, where in most cases consumers decide which brand to trust.

Improves Communication.

Digital signage significantly improves the relationship between the consumer and your company. For example, while the client is waiting to be served, the screen can show information about the company, the values it promotes, current offers, etc.. Digital signage is not only created to provide customers with a great experience, but also to help build trust between the customer and your business/brand.

Saves time and money.

Conventional means of advertising like banners are time consuming and fairly expensive. Using Digital signage systems significantly reduces those costs, and is more efficient at the same time. With ViewPoint, from any internet-connected location, via Your smartphone or computer you can change the content on all screens in Your places of business at the same time.


Digital Signage Expert

ViewPoint is a complete software and hardware solution for Digital Signage.

We have created a stable and easy to use platform for displaying any kind of digital content.

You can use ViewPoint Cloud software in combination with any number of dedicated hardware.


Whole package Digital Signage solution tailored to your needs at one place.

As creators of ViewPoint software and dedicated hardware we can offer you a complete solution:

  • ViewPoint Cloud software, stable and easy to use platform.
  • Vast choice of special Digital Signage screens in any size and with optional features for user interaction.
  • Integration of your existing systems and databases with our Digital Signage solution.
  • Creative services. We can create and produce high quality content for your Digital Signage needs.
  • Our success stories

    ViewPoint helps it's customers boost sales and develop strong communication with their customers.

    We are always fully committed to our clients, which achieves long term, successful relationships. There is no big or small client for us, we take care of every customer with the same enthusiasm.

    Find inspiration and ideas for editing the content of your screens, learn all about new trends, as well as tips on how to improve your business.

    October 30, 2020

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