Turn any TV into a powerful digital advertisement.

With our simple Plug & Play device, ViewPoint users can turn any screen into a dynamic digital advertisement.


Plug a ViewPoint device into any TV

Update and control Your content online from your smartphone or computer.

The ViewPoint device is a fully functional media player that broadcasts HD video and clear sound. It fits into any HDMI input, so you can use the device on any modern monitor, screen or TV.


Create your own advertisements

With ViewPoint, you can quickly and easily create and edit on-screen multimedia content. Manage the entire system in real-time via the Internet from anywhere.

Whether the person editing the content is an artist or a in-store salesperson, the content management system is tailored for all users. Everything is Cloud-based, which means you don’t have to worry about installing and downloading any program.


Log in to the ViewPoint platform and connect the ViewPoint device to the screen via HDMI.


Add your images, videos, websites and plenty of other content. Easily create unique content.


Display your content, check playback status and control all of your screens from one place.


Expand your capabilities by using apps whenever you need them.

Apps allow you to easily display the content you want on your screens.

Show a ordinary photo, promotional banner or video ad along with your Facebook or Instagram profile. Inform and entertain your clients by choosing the latest news, weather forecast and other informative content.

Menu Board Apps

Jasnom prezentacijom pravih informacija, kupci mogu lakše donijeti odluku.

Aplikacije za Društvene Mreže

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo.

Raspored Ekrana

Pokažite više sadržaja u isto vrijeme.

Informativne aplikacije

Informacije mogu biti predstavljene u različitim formatima, te sa više izvora u isto vrijeme.

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